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  • 5-Tool Baseball Summer Camp

    Enhance your all-around play through a variety of exercises while keeping focus on fundamental skill development. Take your baserunning, throwing, fielding, hitting, and team play to another level. Led by area baseball coaches. Space is limited. Registration ends June 24th. Grades 1-3 Dates & Times: July 1-3 (9:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M.) Location: Truman Middle School Ball Fields
  • Abra-Kid-Abra Camps: Grades 1-6

    Mathmagic Camp: Mind read the number a spectator is thinking of! Instantly add a column of 4-digit numbers! Make balls travel mysteriously from one hand to another! The tricks are math-based, so while having fun learning magic, you'll hone your math skills! You'll get your own magic case and new props to put in it daily. You'll also learn out-of-the-box thinking to pull one over on your friends. Camp culminates with campers starring in a mathemagic show for their families. Goals are to build math skills, excitement about math, to develop presentation skills, confidence, and to have fun! Mind Reading & Other Cool Tricks: Mind read the word a spectator is thinking of, vanish coins, and change a card that a spectator is holding in their hand! These are just a few of the tricks you'll learn in this camp. Not only will you have fun learning magic, but you will also hone your literary skill as most of the tricks involve reading, spelling, or writing. You'll get your own magic box and new tricks to put in it daily. Camp culminates with students putting on a show for their families. Goals are to develop presentation skills and confidence, improve reading skills, and have fun! Kids Comedy Camp: Funny how much fun you can have when you're learning to be funny! Learn comedy by doing it at Kids Comedy Camp! You'll master the secrets of stand-up, sketch, and improv comedy. Take home a new gag each day—rubber chickens, squirt rings, gag glasses! Perform a new comedy for your family each night! At week's end you'll display your newly enhanced confidence, creativity, performance skills and sense of humor in a show for family and friends. Balloonatics Camp: Calling all Balloonatics! Every day of this camp is an exciting balloon bash! Balloonatic campers learn to create over twenty balloon animals, spin out with UFO balloons and make a balloon helicopter that really flies! Each day campers take home a different novelty balloon— race car balloons, rocket balloons, and more! Camp concludes with the Balloonatics showing off their skills in a balloon twist jam for their families. Come join the fun in this unique, creative camp!
  • Adult Aquatics

    Please note that during the period of construction, the pool will temporarily be accessible only by using the stairs. It is anticipated the construction will be completed by the end of 2021-22 school year.
  • A Healthier Michigan (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Archery and Outdoor Adventure

    Enjoy outdoor education activities and archery! Students build tents, have a fishing derby, participate in orienteering, play yard games and practice archery. Students will learn about camping safety and how to be a responsible hunter and/or camper. Class is taught by PE teacher Mary Driemeyer and Scott Mulvaney. **New this summer, we are offering afternoon camps (Invasion Games & Let's Get Moving) at Sappington so campers have the opportunity to stay all day and participate in more amazing activities. If students sign up for both morning and afternoon camps, lunch will be supervised.
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    Batter Up Baseball Camp

    Learn the fundamentals of fielding, catching throwing, hitting and base running - all in a fun, positive environment. Specifically designed for beginning and intermediate players, this program teahes athletes new baseball skills along with vital life lessons such as respect, teamwork and sportsmanship. Offered in partnership with Skyhawks Sports Academy. Grades 1-3 Dates & Times: July 29- Aug 1 (9:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.) Location: Truman Middle School Ball Fields
  • Big Shots Basketball Camp: Ages 7-12

    Loberg Athletics Basketball Camp will provide your child with basketball fundamentals including speed & agility, ballhandling, shooting mechanics, individual defensive principles, understanding of rules, and leadership development. Throughout the week kids can expect a fast pace environment that creates competition in drills and unity amongst campers. The first two days will include skills and drills. The last two days of camp will break up campers into teams based on an evaluation of the previous two days and allow leadership opportunities as well as collaboration in creating offensive and defensive schemes leading up to a tournament. Offered in partnership with Loberg Athletics.
  • Bouncing Bears: Ages 3-4

    Learn and explore gymnastics through obstacle courses and games. Coaches will introduce your child to the equipment and focus on movement that will help develop coordination, balance and body awareness. Participants must be potty trained prior to enrolling. Space is limited!
  • Boys Gym Time!

    Race through obstacles and learn parkour, gymnastics and tumbling! Learn core skills, flexibility, strength, round offs and more.
  • Breakaway Basketball Camp: Ages 7-12

    Ready to play? Hit the hardwood in this skill-building clinic. Focus on core basketball skills for players of all levels. Learn proper dribbling, shooting mechanics, offensive and defensive strategies, and footwork placement. Both training and scrimmage gameplay included. Offered in partnership with the Rec Academy.
  • Bricks 4 Kidz: Grades 1-6

    Mario Brothers: Themes such as Super Mario Bros, Roblox, Beyblades, Pokémon, and Minecraft come to life through the use of our robots, mosaics, and 3D art, all made out of LEGO® Bricks. Don't forget classic Nintendo and SEGA themes such as Zelda, Duck Hunt, Pacman, and Sonic the Hedgehog! Each day will be a new adventure as the virtual and LEGO® worlds combine! Pokémon-Pocket Brick Monsters: Get ready for an adventure in the world of Pokémon®! Capture wild Pokémon® creatures and train them for battle. Tap into your inner engineer as we build Dratini, Pikachu, Poké Balls, and more. Show off your skills as you battle for power in your journey through the Pokémon® universe. Do you have what it takes to become a Pokémon® Master? Disney & Star Wars: Build lots of motorized Star Wars models for both the Rebel forces and the Dark side. If you’re a Disney fan, we have lots of Princesses, Mickey, and Donald too! Come experience this stellar, Magical adventure! All campers take home a custom-made mini figure. Minecraft Bricks: Enjoy a week of building Minecraft characters with LEGO bricks, amateur LEGO robotic motorized builds, and playing the real Minecraft computer game. No experience necessary. Two great things that go great together - Minecraft and LEGO bricks! Wizards of Fun (Harry Potter LEGO): NEW! This camp takes you on a thrilling adventure building Harry Potter characters in a fantasy world of owls, wands, and spells. All campers take home a custom-made mini figure Super Heroes/Avengers/Batman: Join Bricks 4 Kidz for a week building Super Heroes and Avengers with LEGO® bricks. Create a fantasy world and protect it against all the evil arch enemies with custom contraptions made with LEGO® bricks. Brick Master Challenge: Ready for a thrilling building challenge? Join The Bricks 4 Kidz Master Challenge, inspired by the dynamic LEGO Masters TV show! This camp is a playground for budding master builders. Each day brings exciting new challenges, where campers will learn advanced LEGO techniques, collaborate on imaginative projects, and test their creativity. From constructing towering structures to engineering moving creations, it's a journey of innovation, teamwork, and endless fun. Step into the role of a master builder and create wonders with LEGO – sign up now and let the epic building challenge begin! Brick City: Let’s build a CITY! What would a city be without the architects and engineers who come up with the ideas, plans and building skills for cities and make it all come together? Campers will put their engineering and architecture skills to work as they build city themed models using LEGO® Bricks. Campers have a blast using custom-built cars to move the people of the city around town! Teenage Ninja Turtles: NEW! Don’t be “shell”-tered from brick world. Join other builders fighting crime as teenage turtle brothers. Build your minifigures and enter the battles! This camp is filled with games and challenges. All campers take home a custom-made mini figure.
  • Camp Ignite: Grades 2-6

    Camp Ignite: Grades 2-6 Do you enjoy robotics, coding, and augmented reality? At Camp Ignite, we believe in the power of imagination, creativity and innovation. Our mission is to encourage STEAM learning experiences through the design and construction of physical objects. Lindbergh educators will lead the activities, which have been designed to support student development, especially in the area of science. Students will engage in making predictions, designing, testing, revising and retesting their project designs. Space is limited! *Students need to bring a lunch, snack, and water bottle each day.
  • Camp Innovate: Grades 6-9

    Producing videos, designing projects with several different types of printers, and solving mysteries with secret codes are just a few of the science projects you will see at the Truman's Makerspace camp this summer. At Camp Innovate, we believe in the power of imagination, creativity, and innovation. Our mission is to encourage STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) learning experiences through the design and construction of physical objects. Explore ALL of the following topics throughout the day: Breakout Boxes, 3D Printer, Minecraft EDU, Green Screens, Cricut Maker and Laser Printer. Space is limited! *Students need to bring a lunch, snack and a water bottle each day.
  • Cheer and Dance Team Tryouts

    Tryouts are open to athletes over the age of 5. Cheerleaders must have completed our Intermediate Cheerleading class or have a strong background in Cheer. Dancers must have completed our HipHop/Jazz class. Contact Kara Wiehage for a private evaluation if you can not make this date.
  • Cheerleading

    Cheerleading teaches athletes about leadership, teamwork, and helps build self-confidence. Participants will learn basic motions, jumps and chants/cheers. They will also work on tumbling, stunts, and conditioning.
  • Clinics

    Clinics are a one off event that specialize in one or two skills!