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Driver Education

Enrichment / Driver Ed -
Winter-Spring 2024

Combines virtual classroom instruction, in person driving, and behind the wheel observation.  Learn skills related to traffic laws, vehicle dynamics and driving situations while using techniques for defensive driving.  Students must be at least 15 years of age with a valid Missouri driving permit.  This is a non-credit course, but may help qualify for auto insurance discounts.  Total of 4 hours of drive time using a Community Ed. vehicle is included.  All classes are led by certified driving instructors.  Classroom portion offered through virtual learning and will not meet in person.  The instructor will email you prior to the start of class with links and any other information.  Drive time sign up will take place at a later time TBD.  Drive time will be in person.

Driver Ed. Session 3: Monday Closed
Mondays, Apr 15 - May 13
6:00 - 8:00 PM


Ages   15 yr. - 99 yr.

$ 315.00
Class Fee

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